Gold Remodelling

Ready to give your old jewellery a new makeover? 


We absolutely love the idea of transforming your forgotten treasures into wearable pieces that will make your heart skip a beat!



Here's the lowdown on how it works:


First things first, we offer remodelling services exclusively for gold jewellery.

To ensure authenticity, your pieces must have the appropriate stamps indicating their gold content (9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 375, 750 etc).



Once we receive your precious metal, we'll weigh it and provide you with a rough estimate of its value. Then we will send it off for refining, which typically takes a few weeks (oh, pesky load shedding may cause some delays). We kindly ask for your patience as we work our magic, and we don't accept rush orders for this process.



Please note that there is a refining fee of 15% of the final value of your metal. Once the refining process is complete and we have the results, we'll offer you JRD STORE CREDIT equivalent to the value of your metal, based on the gold price of the day.



Now, here's where the fun begins! Instead of working with your original metal, we'll exchange its value for a world of possibilities. 



You can browse our website and choose anything that catches your eye, or if you're feeling extra creative, request a custom commission piece and we'll happily provide a quote based on your unique design.


If you're excited about this metallic journey, and you're on board with the above details, then let's work our magic together! ✨💫

(Please note - refining your gold does not mean that we will be using your original gold to make a new piece of jewellery.) 


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