Jewellery Care

All Jade Rabbit Design pieces are manufactured by hand in high quality gold and sterling silver. While created with wearability in mind, please take care when wearing your jewellery.

Certain metals tarnish when left unworn and with prolonged exposure to air and humidity. We recommend storing your jewellery safely in an airtight container when not in use.

Please remove your sterling silver jewellery when swimming in chlorinated swimming pools and when showering.

Due to the nature of metals, tarnishing may occur through exposure to various chemicals such as household cleaning products, perfumes, lotions, shampoos and other body products.

It's always recommended to avoid direct contact with the above mentioned.

*** Many hand sanitisers contain chemicals that have the potential to tarnish your brass and sterling silver jewellery instantly. Please remove rings when applying and avoid touching any jewellery directly after using sanitisers.

Although uncommon, your own skin acidity levels and sweat can also react with certain metals, resulting in tarnishing.


Please note that JRD cannot be held responsible for the tarnishing and discolouration of metals.


JRD jewellery pieces are never plated so feel free to use a commercial jewellery cleaner with a soft cloth to ‘revive’ your piece if some tarnishing has occurred. Please avoid all contact with jewellery cleaners on stones, wood and resins!

Certain softer or more porous stones (pearls, opals etc), wood and resins will not tolerate these cleaning products and may have an adverse reaction such as permanent discolouration. 

To help remove dirt build-up, simply let your jewellery soak for a few minutes in some warm water mixed with a mild dish detergent.

Give a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush, rinse, dry thoroughly and voilà.