Manufacturing Lead Time

First of all... We want to thank you so much for your order and for supporting JRD - it really means the world to us!

Let's talk about the timeline that we state on our website and purchased order email confirmation...

We need 10 working days to manufacture your order. If we made it any quicker - it won't be up to our particular JRD highest standards.

Please be mindful that there are only 3 busy bees in the workshop and we value your order - this is why we make sure that these 10 working days are the most productive in creating the perfect quality jewels ... just for YOU!

The 10 working days start on the first full working day after your purchase.

Weekends and public holidays are not counted in these 10 working days as we need to rest and rejuvenate our minds and hands in order to have all the creative energy to make your piece with all the love!

The latest your order will leave our workshop is on the 10th working day after your purchase. It then gets packaged and handed over to The Courier Guy who transports your jewels straight to your door. This can take up to 2-3 working days nationally (For international orders we call on our other friends FedEx, and they take between 5 - 7 working days to get your jewels over the sea's to your door)

The moment it leaves our studio - we will send you a tracking number - you will receive an email immediately with all the info. This tracking number is clickable and will redirect you straight to The Courier Guy tracking page with all the updates. 

Please do note, that tracking updates may take up to 24 hours to reflect once the parcel has been picked up from our workshop.

On the rare occasion that your order is delayed, we will personally give you a call and explain the circumstances.

Please try and contain your excitement by refraining from contacting us about updates - this distracts us and steals precious time that we could be using to complete your jewels.


For urgent queries regarding your order, you can pop us an email at:
Our working hours are: 9am - 4:00pm Monday - Thursday & 9am - 3:00pm on Fridays.


Thank you for your patience, we love you! and most of all thank you for your trust in our small business... we are working hard to get your jewels to you :)


Much Love,

Shan & Tam