How long is the manufacturing time?

We take 10 working days from the date of purchase to complete an order. You will receive a notification from us as soon as your order is complete.


I just ordered online but I need the jewellery like NOW?

We understand that last minute gifts happen or you have a flight to catch but please be mindful that our jewellery is handmade to order. We need those 10 working days to make sure it leaves our studio PERFECT. If you really can't wait then you are welcome to email us and we will see what we can do... but it really does put pressure on our small workshop.


How long does my order take to get delivered?

Depending on the area, local delivery takes 2-3 working days and international delivery takes 5 - 7 working days.


What are your pick up times?

Our pick up times are Monday - Thursday 9:30am - 3:30pm and Fridays from 9:30am - 2:30pm ... excluding public holidays. We will Whatsapp you as soon as your order is ready for collection.


Do you have a physical store?

Yes we do! Our store is located in Cape Town on the ground floor of The Woodstock Exchange in Woodstock. We'd love for you to come say hi!


Do you keep stock?

We have a selection of jewellery ready to buy at our store in The Woodstock Exchange.

If you are ordering online, your jewellery will be made to order and the 10 working day manufacturing lead time will apply.


I ordered a few days ago but I haven’t had any updates on my order?

If you haven’t heard from us before the end of the 10 working day lead time it’s because we’re hard at work, tinkering away to make your beautiful jewels! We unfortunately don’t have the man power to update you on the progress along the way – please be assured your order will be completed as promised and if there are any rare, unforeseen delays we will be in touch with you.


How do I get my ring size?

If you like living on the edge and sizing your own finger at home we salute you, but it's most likely inaccurate. If you do not know your ring size, we always recommend having your finger professionally sized by your local jeweller or you can come in for a sizing at our store. Please be sure of your ring size when ordering, we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect ring sizes given and will not accept returns or exchanges for resizing.


I ordered the wrong size, what now?

As we take a lot of time and care to make sure your ring is exactly the size you ordered we cannot be responsible for the change of sizing. If resizing is possible (not all rings can be resized), the additional fee for silver will start from R170. For gold resizing please get in touch with us for a quote. 


Can I engrave on the inside of a ring?

A selected amount of our rings have the option for a custom engraving on the inside. You will find a link button in the rings description that will allow you to add this option.


How do I send the images I want to be engraved on my personalised jewellery?

If you choose the option to include a custom engraving on your jewellery please email us a high resolution image of your design. Please be mindful that we trace the images you send us, the highest quality image brings out the best in your engraving. We unfortunately cannot engrave photographs.


I see you use LAB diamonds?

Yes we do! We made the switch to lab white diamonds (all our other stone options are natural) to make our pieces more affordable for you! Do not be alarmed, we assure you lab grown diamonds are 100% the same thing as a natural diamond, only the origin is different. They have the same hardness, durability and sparkle and are 100% carbon, just minus the higher price tag. Of course if you would still prefer the real deal, we are more than happy to accommodate you, please get in touch with us for a quote.


Do you offer this in gold?

All of our jewellery is available in 9ct yellow, rose or white gold. If the product doesn't have a gold option, please get in touch with us for a quote.


Can you gold plate your jewellery?

Our jewellery is only available in solid sterling silver or solid 9ct gold. We do not offer plating as it can lead to fading over time.


Can you remodel my gold jewellery or buy my old gold?

Yes, we do offer remodelling, here are a few things you need to know: 

- Your gold jewellery has to have a stamp.

- Due to a variety of reasons will need to send your metal off to be refined. The refining fee is 15% of your gold.

- Please note, refining your gold does not mean that we will be using your original gold to make a new piece of jewellery for you.

- When we receive the metal back from the refinery, we will take the final weight of the metal and give you store credit for the value of the gold with the gold price of the day. You can use this credit to purchase from our online store or a custom piece.

Please read more about our process on our here.


Do you make custom designs?

Yes we do and we would love to make something special for you! Please check out our custom commissions page guidelines here. 


Why has my silver tarnished?

Certain metals tarnish when left unworn and with prolonged exposure to air and humidity. We recommend storing your jewellery safely in an airtight container when not in use. Due to the nature of metals, tarnishing may occur through exposure to various chemicals such as household cleaning products, perfumes, lotions, shampoos and other body products. Although uncommon, your own skin acidity levels and sweat can also react with certain metals, resulting in tarnishing. Please read more on this topic on our jewellery care page.


Can I please speak to Jade?

There is no Jade, our names are Shannon and Tammy :)

Jade is a mythical creature that lives on the moon mixing a magical elixir for a goddess all day.